Without a doubt, you can easily spend hundreds of dollars (or even thousands) on a new pair of headphones for your music production and in some particular cases that is entirely justifiable. However, satisfying results can be reached from the budget headphones too, considering that leftover amounts saved would be used for other home studio equipment acquisitions!

We shall also not forget the fact that ever-reliable back-up option headphones may be extremely beneficial too, especially in urgent situations when headphones used for music production outwear your effort. 

Headphones for music production must give you a ride of your lifetime, considering the high quality of the sound, possible reduction of external noises and all in all maximum experience possible. Therefore, we have selected the best budget headphones for music production under 50 dollars, which will do just fine for you without breaking the bank!

Best Studio Headphones Under 50

Sennheiser HD202 II

Drum rolls, please! 

These were my very first headphones ever in my music production career… And I would not want any other than this pair of headphones, since they did such a great job as a low budget headphones.

If there would be a necessity to define which headphone brand over and over again would be able to produce the highest quality products, Sennheiser would definitely be on top of that! There have been only very few companies, which would be able to produce for a very long time one of the greatest headphone solutions in terms of quality and price purposes. Simply, making one impressive headphone after another, without even facing single failure throughout the journey! 

From the well-known studio workhorse model HD280 to the ultra high-end classified HD800S products Sennheiser has been baking those as cookies – and we are cookie junkies! As we will run through the list fully, probably Sennheiser brand will be the one, which is recommended all over other headphone companies. Without a doubt, there is clearly a reason behind it!

Essential pros: 

  • Quality over price: let’s have superb cheap back-up headphones for music production, which will definitely avoid disappointing you!;
  • Well-known brand of Sennheiser with full virtual assistance and support given for the users.

Important to be mentioned, this exact brand is their TOP selling model and there are plenty of great reasons behind it! Plenty positive reviews on the product available and we are giving another heads-up for the Sennheiser! 

Behringer HPS3000

Let‘s immediately hop-off to our second headphones. 

For some users this suggestion might seem to be unknown and this is understandable due to realizing that the launch of the HPS3000 model has just begun – give it some time to appreciate the model and fill up on social media with positive feedback!

However, even though this model is just gathering its fan base, it seems that people, who took their chances and risks for acquisition, are more than happy with the model in usage! Since the launch date Behringer’s model has skyrocketed in terms of sales and it is still the beginning of the model!

These headphones for music productions under 50 dollars shall be considered as one of the greatest solutions for low budget home studio equipment – at this point taken not only back-up solutions, yet legitimate all-around results! 

Essential pros: 

  • Since the launch date sales of the product went skyrocket!;
  • Hundreds of positive feedback already on the product;
  • Defined as the priority for low budget studio equipment. 

Audio Technica ATH-M30x

Third on our list is the brand known for its superb crazy cheap prices!

But, please, do not get me wrong – the brand is considered to be one of the highest quality providers for low budget studio producers. If right before Audio Technica we had Sennheiser on the list, which makes headphones for higher price ranges, it seems that Audio Technica goes fully vice versa, specializing in building quality headphones at low prices. Key point to be mentioned, their current ATH brand line, which is also recommended by us for best studio headphones 50 dollars, is among most popular and well-reviewed in the entire home recording industry – well, that is recognition!

Having such a strong-based line in their hands, we could easily recommend any of ATH and would not disappoint you. However, this model exactly is considered to have optimum price – quality ratio. 

Essential pros:

  • Well-known brand for superb cheap prices;
  • Sustainable usage – experience high quality for a long term!

Sony MDR-7502

Headphones of Sony are definitely among the TOP brands and players in the game – it is well-known, highly appreciated and recommended among the amateurs and live artists, who use this equipment as help to make a living! In fact, Sony MDR-7506, which shall be considered as the older brother of Sony MDR-7502 (our recommended model) is perhaps regarded as one of the top studio headphones of all time – well, that is for sure undiscussable recognition, don’t you think so?

Despite the fact our recommended Sony MDR-7502 is not considered to be the best of all time, yet is sort of a replica of the greatest in line – essential difference, at about half of the price, which is perfect for low budget home studio equipment! And of course, as you probably realize, most of the reviews will confirm that they are not quite as great as the Sony MDR-7502, but there is definitely clear resemblance and taking into account the price – that is a bargain deal!

Essential pros: 

  • Great brand suited with well-known artists; 
  • Replica of the greatest studio headphones in the line of Sony;
  • Low price for incredible sound experience!

Samson SR850

Fifth beauty on best studio headphones under 50 dollars our list is a model of Samson! This is the brand which is more known to those people, who tend to spend their time analysing which headphones would perfectly fit for their studio experience – to be defined, specifically Samson brand models are commonly over 100 dollars priced, yet having SR850 model on our site, does not really means it is out of the quality mode. 

Samson SR850 does have closed-back design, which is not mostly met for headphones under 100 dollars. Closed-back shall be defined as prioritisation of isolation over sound quality, which is ideal for tracking, yet, however, not that much for mixing. However, this is the case with studio headphones – as lower you are going to get with your budget, it is less likely you will be able to find any open-back options at all, let alone all the good ones. 

But as mentioned before, Samson offers one exception here – Samson SR850 – as the first and only true open-back design on this list, which is the obvious choice for critical listening apps, such as mixing ones. Minding mixing – it is fine, casual listening enjoyment will also be fulfilled with these headphones!

Essential pros: 

  • Large variety of modes available for different users; 
  • Perfect for different studio occasions – from mixing to calm listening;
  • Great open-back design solution, which is rarely met for under 50 dollars!

Presonus HD7

On different social platforms you may find that Presonus occasionally is defined as the King of quality in terms of affordable home recording gear. Hundreds of positive reviews of the users say it all – people are happy and excited about using such great headphones for cheap music production gear: without a doubt, that is a bargain deal!

Important to mention, Presonus has gradually expanded their line of products over the years to include virtually everything – DAW’s, mic preamps, headphone amps, audio interfaces and without a doubt – headphones! For some people it might be surprising that Presonus does make headphones, due to realizing their specification relies on different sort of audio equipment, yet however, you will be even more surprised when facing the marvellous experience of the sound quality! However, as far as I can tell, the Presonus HD7 is the one and only model currently available on their site – therefore, if it was news to you, well, you are not alone. 

As mentioned, considering the under 50 dollars cap and range, it seems, according to hundreds of rave reviews to back up our opinion, they are apparently one of the most popular headphones for music production in 2020. Quite important to mention, these headphones have semi-open sound chambers, defining they are decently suited for a wide variety of listening applications, such as tracking, mixing or simply casual listening. 

Essential pros: 

  • High – Definition quality defined with low price;
  • Semi – open chamber, perfectly suited with different listening applications;
  • Hundreds of positive reviews backing up our suggestion!

Mpow 059 Bluetooth Headphones

This product is highly appreciated due to the duration given of wireless mode of 15-20 hours in playback time and supports infinite cable time throughout the play mode. Willing to work not only from the site, but love traveling too? Well, it seems that it is the perfect solution for your traveling adventures, trying to combine it with productive manners, as you will be able to easily leave your fear of charging it any time soon!

Headphones fit nicely, in fact – it does not feel heavy or cumbersome around your head, therefore you can fall into great experience. Most commonly this becomes an issue, especially if you are using headphones for a reasonable amount of time and tension naturally pops up. These headphones are made specifically for comfortable work manners, construction is very lightweight – as a comparison, materials used are 10% to 30% lighter than any other editions of this studio headphone brand, therefore projected for optimum experience. 

Essential pros: 

  • Perfect weight for combining work and travel due to its light construction;
  • Headphones are made for ease-of-use, therefore will not cause any disturbance peculiarities;
  • Natural High-Definition sound experience;
  • From 15 to 20 hours of usage while being in wireless mode allows forgetting fear!

We love these headphones for music production under 50 dollars due to the playback time offered – being in wireless mode for 15 – 20 hours, not really having to think about charging and carrying additional equipment while working in mobile manners, makes us give large thumbs up!

Panasonic Headphones RP-HT161-K

Another great option on our list for your low budget home studio equipment – this time, the brand speaks for itself: Panasonic! This headphone option has a perfectly sleek look. If you have been looking after a classic set of headphones, which would perfectly suit your music production experience – it is nothing, but a great option for sure! Besides the fact, headphones are superb lightweight and it is suited with a long cord that can be easily plugged in allowing you to work from anywhere around your house or studio. 

This headphone model comes powered by the duel of 30 mm neodymium driver, which is suited with maximum power input of 1000 MW. Therefore, defining, it compliments an excellent frequency response for any type of music, while balancing between the levels of bass sounds and other medium range tones. 

Essential pros:

  • Lightweight having classic-style peculiarities; 
  • Extra-long cord (6.5 feet);
  • Plenty of different plugs into various devices;
  • Perfectly suitable for music production experience!

It shall be taken into consideration that this option was selected due to the simplicity and variety of functions available for the users. It is really something that has to be appreciated. Besides, this model is affordable, taking into consideration it falls under our best headphones for music production under 50 dollars category. It is a perfect solution for a combination of leisurely entertainment and work within your music studio!

Audio-Technica ATH-M20x Professional Studio Monitor Headphones

Another brand of Audio Technica on our list defined as 9th! Looking for an option for personal and professional music equipment used for different sorts of studio and sound engineering? It is designed perfectly for complement duties of tracking and mixing music! ATH-M20x model headphones have extraordinarily design, that is suited with high-end and high-quality materials, while sitting comfortably and securely on your head! It looks and definitely feels like it is very well made! 

In overall, the sound quality is made to perfection, defining the hosting of warm tones with extremely well balanced sound. These headphones also come with an adapter, which can be used for individual purposes related to studio monitoring. And we almost forgot to mention the sound isolation quality – well, no noises aware! 

Essential pros: 

  • Fantastically built sound engineering quality; 
  • Great sound isolation avoiding unnecessary noises; 
  • Marvellous low frequency performance;
  • High-end quality materials used for professional use. 

Defining our selection regards this exact model – well, sometimes, let’s agree, we just need a solid option for our home studio, therefore no need to look after anymore! These headphones are developed on a studio professional level and will definitely falls under our limited budgets!

Riwbox XBT-80 Folding Stereo Wireless Bluetooth Headphones Over Ear

The very last, but definitely not the least – Riwbox XBT-80 model made for specific usage of home studio! Headphones themselves are both: stylish and built in a unique manner! It is sleek and made with memory protein, ear cushion, which actually helps stimulate human skin texture. It is superb for long working hours, as definitely you may feel something disturbing and exhausting throughout having weight on your ears (and head). Well, forget that – this is specifically built to avoid that! 

Headphones may be used for wired or wireless connection, and do have a built-in battery which will make sure it will be beneficial up to 15 hours, which is a long duration for such headphones for music production under 50 dollars. 

Essential pros: 

  • Built-in microphone, which is commonly used for recording personal comments throughout music related work session;
  • Wide frequency ranges make sure the highest possible quality;
  • High clarity sound and softly padded headbands!

This is a wonderful example of headphones which combines comfort and professional usage for long hours. The built-in microphone is a fabulous feature as you are able to make crystal clear record notes for your personal usages throughout the session! 


Well that was a line of marvellous studio equipment solutions for low budget interiors. Is it not amazing to have that many different options to choose from? Ranging from the most professional ones to the most comfy. For us, as music production junkies, reading this shall be defined as walking into a candy store! So much to see it may become difficult to decide with which option we shall go! However, if defining your exact priorities and looking after the top pros stated all the way above, you will definitely find your perfect match. 

Without a doubt, there is something for everyone beneficial reading this guide of the best cheap home studio headphones under 50. Depending on your wishes, whether you are willing for clear sound or listening to your favourite music, or maybe you are looking after something superb professional as specific studio headphones – we are pretty sure that all the options stated above is everything you need!

Feel free to use our guide to help personally engage with the right products for your individual usage. Who knows, maybe you will buy a few of above-listed headphones for back-up plans as B and C and in this way will find your perfect match. Enjoy shopping!