Realizing that traditional mouse does not give you the capabilities wished and requested, especially when willing to zoom, transport or toggle different views while working extensively with your beloved digital audio workstation, it is smart to consider a better way to control your workflow just by getting a more professional mouse.

Therefore, where is the essential point when a mouse as a device actually kicks in?

Actually, the main thing is that you can map out a lot of common functionality that you are using daily, that can save you a TON of time and headache when doing the same repetitive actions.

Furthermore, when you are able to fasten your workflow, the work itself feels much more productive and inspiring than with your old and stinky mouse!

So, without further ado, let’s hop off to our list defining the best mouse for music production available on the market! 

Best Mouse For Music Production

1. Anker ergonomic vertical mouse

Yes.. At first look, it looks like a spaceship steering wheel. However, you probably won’t find any more comfortable mouse when used in practise as this anker ergonomic vertical mouse.  It is designed to fit by the natural physical posture of your arm in working position. It might take a few days to get used to a new way of controlling it, but after that, you won’t be able to look at any other mouse out here, that’s for sure. It is even used by famous world wide music producers, such as Jonas Aden, that is killing it in the music industry right now.

Main features of Anker mouse:

  • Scientific design and healthy neutral “handshake” wrist 
  • 800 / 1200 / 1600 DPI Resolution Optical Tracking Technology gives much more sensitivity and control than standard mice.
  • Next and previous buttons gives convenience when working in different tabs;
  • Power saving mode (power is cut off completely) 
  • Package includes: 1 Anker Wireless Vertical Ergonomic Optical Mouse (2 AAA batteries not included), 1 instruction manual. 
  • 18-month hassle-free warranty!
  • Cheap Price


Second on our list of best mouse for music production is the Logitech M570, which is also known as crossover mouse – it allows you to move the cursor without any additional moves of the hand. However, if it seems fancy for you, it can be used regularly, as traditional mice. According to the reviews made on positive feedbacks, this mouse is defined as comfy and its shape specifically supports your hand in terms of allowing you to rest and reduce the risk of RSI, mentioned in the introduction of our article. 

Good to know that this certain Logitech M570 has additionally programmable buttons that can be mapped to any sort of functions you would like and appreciate. It is done throughout Logitech Control Center Software, if using Apple products (MAC OS X) or the Logitech SetPoint software (Windows). It is also a superb convenient product, as its essential parts are easily removable in order to clean the device or etc. All in all, great to realize too, that the battery lasts up to 18 months! For the past several months these exact mice have been trending viral as not only best mouse for music production, but also for playing Fortnite! 

Essential Pros of Logitech M570 mouse:

  • Works well with tracking on glossy surfaces
  • Wireless with long battery life (up to 18 hours)!
  • Ergonomic and easily removable;
  • Small, precise trackball and standard mouse interface (left and right-click + scroll wheel)

Essential Cons of Logitech M570 mouse:

  • There are reviews defining that specifical trackball within standard mouse interface is uncomfortable for some users;
  • It only has two buttons to map to different Pro Tools functions.


Even though it is the last but not the least on our list of best mouse for music production, we can assure you, the Logitech Master Wireless Mouse! Simply, it is superbly designed to be comfy and handy! Wonderful thing to mention right away, this specific music production mouse supports the hand in natural position and its buttons are placed perfectly within easy reach, without stressing the hand and having to stretch it all over. In addition to the data provided, the mouse has a main scroll wheel, which is not only adapted to the speed at which you may be scrolling through your libraries or windows, yet also monitoring the movement and staying updated with warnings if any are detected! Well, that is convenient, huh?

Additionally to our points listed above, there is a necessity to mark that there is also a thumb wheel designed for functioning as a horizontal scroll wheel at its default setting. It is helpful, that this scroll wheel, without excluding any other wheels, to be mentioned, can be easily customized through the Logitech Options software, which is superb handy for you adjusting to your personal manners and matters. 

Finally, one of the essential and most common points on the positive reviews feedback is defined by saying that the Logitech Master wireless mouse has inbuilt tracking technology that enables it to precisely track movements, even on glassy or glossy surfaces. That is perfect work tracking your workflow and making sure that you would have breaks between your rhythm. 

Essential pros of Logitech Master mouse: 

  • Wireless technology;
  • Excellent ergonomics for usage;
  • Smart speed scrolling wheel, thumbwheel in addition for your workflow;
  • 3 customizable buttons ease up life!
  • Tracks excellently on glossy surfaces and glass, warns for additional risks!

Essential Cons of Logitech Master mouse: 

  • The buttons near the thumb scrolling wheel are a bit uncomfortable to hit precisely;
  • Short battery life, which leaves you cautious about unnecessary things;
  • No trackball within the product.


Phew, that has been great review guys on the latest and trending products of best mouse for music production! What shall be mentioned in our latest thoughts, all of these mice are so universal, that can be easily used not only for music production, mixing or any other workflow related to music activity, but also for gaming or just for traditional usage of the mouse.

In addition, our products listed and stated above, helps you within a bid of avoiding RSI and carpal tunnel with having replaced regular mouse with trackball or ergonomic ball, which may not seem huge different at first point, but it definitely helps you within time! Also, all of these products do have transport control devices integrated and DAW control of the surfaces, which gradually becomes superb handy!

If asking our personal opinion, we would definitely without any sort of doubt would bet on all of these mice for the best mouse for music production! However, it is superb easy to say, according not to the latest feedback published, but also in overall due to the recommendations found on the internet, Kensington Expert Trackball is defined as number one mouse for music production, mixing and other music related activities. As mentioned previously, the mouse is ergonomically shaped and its buttons can be easily customized for specific functions available, which may be wanted personally. All in all, to finalize, all of these three mice are also rated and stated in the list of CAD for the best mouse devices on the market in overall, therefore having such acknowledged data, there is almost impossible to strike-out and left disappointed at the end of the day. 

Best mouse for music production eventually could become nothing but a game changer within our home studio and long hours workflow. Appreciate your time, your comfortability and invest into right decisions! Happy shopping!