Fl Studio is known most for its crashes and bugs, and usually, it is really frustrating to deal with these moments, since it makes the workflow irritating and makes you want to throw your computer through the window!

But wait, we have you covered..

It is not the first time, that I’ve got this error on my screen as well…

I will show you a few ways how you can solve this problem if in some cases first one won’t do the work.

This bug can be solved really fast and easy if you follow my instructions here. There will be no more flengine_x64.dll missing / fl engine x64.dll not found errors again!

2 Different Ways to the problem: _FLEngine_x64.dll File not found.

Best way to solve it:

  • Download the new FLEngine_x64.dll file from the provided link. Select the file by your FL Studio Version, or just select the latest version
  • Extract flengine_x64.zip file you just downloaded.
  • Rename the dll file from FLEngine_x64.dll to _FLEngine_x64.dll
should look like this
  • Now copy and paste this file where your fl studio is located (you can find location by the error message, because it shows where the file is missing, so give it to them!)
  • P.S (this solution also works on cracked FL Studio versions :))

And Voila, flengine_x64.dll not found problem should be solved!

If this step did not fix the problem, please make sure, that you have downloaded correct dll file version, that is the same as your current FL studio version!

If you are too lazy to figure this out, and want to make it work now, then lets go to the second step.

Or watch a video! I’m doing it step by step how I solved it myself here:

The second way to fix _FLEngine_x64.dll not found:

  • Reinstall the FL Studio (just make sure that you do not delete your project files and VST plugins so that you can get back to the music production just after reinstalling the program)


I hope you did not lose all your hair by dealing with these problems in FL Studio and this tutorial helped you to cope with this FLEngine not found problem!

Keep your FL Studio running and have great music production sessions!