Why Should You Buy a Keyboard For a Kid?

Children tend to find their interest in activities at the very early stage of life. Parents’ responsibility to look after their passion evolving and act accordingly by providing all the necessary equipment needed for kids in order to not get engaged with or simply have fun with it, but also develop a skill set, which potentially might be extremely beneficial for kids in the future.

Therefore, if your child has begun to take any sort of interest in playing a musical instrument or simply you would love to develop their potential passion for music, easy to say that investing into the best keyboard for kids would be not only perfect timing to do so at early stage of their lives, but also could give them an enormous amount of personal boast helping to develop as personalities and as an artist’s!

All of these best kids’ keyboards are a lot less daunting than a piano would be – a keyboard as an investment is nothing but an excellent introduction to learning to play an instrument while approaching concepts such as rhythm, note and tempo within kids’ learning process. 

Without a doubt, learning music is a skill, as well as a hobby or interest, that utilizes a kids’ imagination and as soon as you will be starting to help them to engage within, they will soon enhance their creative development! 

Best Keyboards For Kids

Our complete guide on best kids’ keyboards have the latest and at the same time greatest possible solutions and options for your child’s engagement within the music. All of them do have external links for saving up time and managing for you to, if liked, immediately execute the purchase. 

On the article we tremendously focus on the positive reviews, feedbacks found on the internet and essential on the important game changing peculiarities, such as the number of the keys, variety of demo songs available in its’ memory, also rhythms and sounds availability, the headphones output, hot technically it is powered and additional thoughts on warranties available if anything happened. 

All in all, this article will help you to find the greatest option available out of the large supply and will highlight all of the pros and cons before weighing up the overall effectiveness of each selected model to be reviewed. 

Yamaha YPT-260

People, who are not even aware of any music activity, would definitely recognise the brand of Yamaha, which product stands within number one on our list, woohoo! This specific model Yamaha YPT-260 is both – our as an editor’s of the article and research and Amazon’s currently stated – choice for the best kids’ keyboards possible in terms of all-round functionalities, even realizing it is nothing but an entry-level keyboard. Important to mention, it packs plenty of different sorts of features into its portable design. 

It is a perfect tool for those who are just starting out to develop their musical skill set, facing how versatile actually this keyboard model is. Yamaha YPT-260 perfectly suits to provide advanced functionality too, which will allow you to grow within the sphere of music activity. You can easily play the keyboard and do it so immediately due to the power adapter included, taking into consideration additionally that model offers a whopping 400 voices, 130 auto accompaniment styles, 112 onboard songs, therefore saying it is perfect not only for beginners, but also for advanced ones – it is fully correct statement. 

What the reviewers also love about the YPT-260 model, that there is a nine-step lesson function, suited within the Yamaha as an Education suite, as they call it. This is superb comfy, stating that players immediately are able to enhance their play as well as downloading wished free songs as soon as possible to get them started – it takes no time, is really convenient. There is also a function defined as utilization of the sound input, allowing you to use your preferred music to play along within the tablet phone or any computer device in accordance with recording and playing back each item! 

Having a maximum sound variety of 32 polyphony and superbly simplified but handy music built in already, whatsoever, this exact model is geared towards offering nothing but 1st class entertainment and excitement for the players (and indeed, for the whole family too). Easy to say, that customers of the Yamaha YPT-260 itself find it more than adequate compared to the ones, which are new to playing, or even those with the basics, which are already developed. However, many extremely satisfied customers rate this as a perfect option (keyboard) for beginners, which is simply sold at an unbeatable price – that is the spirit!

Essential Pros of the product:

  • Perfect balance of features;
  • 400 voice, 112 songs, 130 styles available for the users;
  • Built in music stand and power adapter;
  • 9-step lesson function specified for beginners;
  • Portable design.

Essential Cons of the product: 

  • Keys are slightly shorter and narrower than a standard piano key;
  • Has a lot of buttons – indeed adult assistance would be necessary. 

Alesis Melody 61 MKII

After the marvellous Yamaha production, we face not even a bit of the worst product available for beginners in the sphere of music – Alesis Melody 61 MKII! To be honest, it is our choice for best value keyboard as it offers an incredible assortment of different sort of features and benefits at superbly low prices in terms of quality received. Having an amazing 61 greatly responsive keys, this mobile and portable keyboard with already built-in speakers simply gives an opportunity not just for younger family members to experience optimum of making music at its best, but besides that to ultimately entertain themselves in the meantime! Simply have fun!

In accordance to the specifications of the Alesis Melody 61 MKII, this particular model has an impressive range of 300 already built-in rhythms and a one-touch mode available, which shall be a complete inspiration for all budding musicians out there! This certain model allows you to freely create, record and access to a total of 40 demo songs, or you can easily record your personal one, if that is within your priorities. The establishers of the compared are truly proud to suggest this product on the market, providing all-round base for the music beginners to start off their keyboard journey: this model also comes with a stand, which is superbly easy to adjust and assemble, a three-height adjustable bench, power adapted, music rest, mic and even a pair of headphones! How handy is that, huh?

In terms of its interactive aspect of the product, the Alesis Melody 61 MKII encourages their beginners to access their three-month fully free trial of Skoove, defined as an in-depth online course and learning module. According to the reviews and users’ feedback, these specific courses allow you to fasten up your piano mastering. In addition, long-term users and customers of this defined best kids’ keyboards, find it an almost perfect smooth transition for changing keyboard to professional and actual piano without any sort of issues at all! It is truly defined as the perfect starter-up keyboard for children. 

Essential Pros of the product: 

  • 61 responsive keys;
  • 300 built in tones;
  • One touch song mode;
  • A lot of demo songs, which are superbly easy to access;
  • Three months of Skoove with in-depth online courses;
  • Bench, music rest, stand, mic and headphones included.

Essential Cons of the product:

  • Small keys, therefore you have to additionally use to it;
  • Many customers reported that their kit didn’t come with a power adapter, but it is solvable.

RockJam RJ761-SK

RockJam brand is truly jamming, taking into consideration we have it on the best kids’ keyboards list. However, these kits are unique due to their enormously designed and filled kits with all the equipment and tools needed for beginner musicians. They take it very seriously and those kits are defined as a standard process throughout their supply – that is admiring! Plenty of people keep on saying that RockJam RJ761-SK is their favourite keyboard bundle and there are a lot of reasons behind it. 

In order to be more precise, the standard kit of RockJam product comes with not less than a pair of headphones, keyboard stand, keyboard stool and even a sustain pedal in order to make sure that all players, who will be attempting this model, would receive all-inclusive experience possible. It is truly admiring how the company is trying to appreciate their customers and in return they are offering completely incredible tools for music beginners for low prices! 

More to be mentioned, this particular model comes with 61 full sized keys for comfy learning, 100 available keyboard sounds, also 100 rhythms and 30 demo songs available for the standard usage and it is not hard to see why it is defined as the one of the best kids’ keyboards available on the market! It also has LCD screen, which allows you to record and then play back, while the attached sustain pedal incorporates an additional tone for your playing, making it richer – the whole experience. Realizing its’ almost invaluable supply of the kit, it is also standard that it comes with a wide range of connections for headphones, mics and from this year edition, MIDI is available too. The stove is easy adjustable and superbly mobile, therefore you can easily move it around anywhere you are in the home, while accompanied with tickly padding for comfort playing time. Also it is noticeable that if willing to make a quit session, headphones included in the kit will definitely prevent your playing session from disturbing other members staying at the house.

Essential Pros of the product:

  • Fully inclusive product;
  • Sturdy design;
  • 61 full-sized keys.

Essential Cons of the product:

  • Music app available in their storage is free for one week only;
  • Keys are not weighted.

Casio SA-46

We are assured that not everyone is willing and is actually capable of spending hundreds of dollars on kids’ keyboards – and that is reasonable in certain cases. Therefore, we have decided to take up and involve the budget line Casio keyboard to our list – managing for those households, which are not capable of spending a lot of money at the moment, but still distinguish with their wishes to fully support kids’ skillset and help them to improve daily. Applause to you, my friends. 

Therefore for best kids’ keyboards, our budget pick stands for Casio SA-46 model, which has 32 mini note keyboards, perfectly suited with smaller children having tiny hands. It is incredibly compact and offers everything required for the beginning learning. Besides the keyboard, in the kit you will be able to easily find five drum pads for the variety. Having an incredible amount of 50 play-along tracks in their list, kids can easily get a real feel of the notes tones and the rhythms in overall of the keyboard, using demos and examples provided independently. 

In addition to the set of keyboard and drum pads, there are headphones included too in order to make that experience more personal for the child. Besides, it means that due to its compact size and due to its mobility, you can easily take it with you and allow the child to improve throughout being in a car etc. Some of the reviewers tend to say that this particular model from the first view may look like a toy, but do not get confused, my friends. It is made due to willingness to effectively attract younger audiences allowing them to indeed play around with settings available and sounds provided, making them more familiar with themselves, before moving on to larger models. 

LCD display available is highlighting 100 timbres and 50 rhythms, that the child can easily discover and engage with. Alongside, there is an 8 note polyphony option available. Model is featured with the ability to move both: piano’s and organic sound in one switch, which makes it sound simple. It is truly believed that this particular Casio model is a perfect introductory showcase, which allows children to tremendously improve and increase their overall skill set manners by encouraging themselves and exploring playing further a-do. 

Essential Pros of the product:

  • 50 play-along tracks for increasing overall learning;
  • 5 drum pads available;
  • LCD display;
  • Headphones outlet for making sure you would be able to learn throughout any conditions;
  • Vibrant design.

Essential Cons of the product:

  • The only noticeable negative outcome is it does not come with power adapter.

Joy JK-66M

Fifth brand on our list defining best kids’ keyboards is Joy JK-66M, which is also known as the editor’s choice for best stimulation keys all-round market available. It is tremendously offering one of the easier keyboards when it comes to performance and operating overall for the basic commands. By pressing the power button, the LED screen display will immediately pop-up, therefore you will be able to start right away. It has integrated superbly operative processes in order to make sure your learning process would not be suited with possible struggles. 

As mentioned throughout the positive reviews seen on the web, it is defined as marvellous product for beginners, realizing it offers an impressive 3 step intelligent training session available. Basically, in order to realize its simplicity, it shall be defined as one key per move, following it and then ensemble, causing ultra-efficient learning within no time. 

Feedback says it has a marvellous sounding built-in speaker system defined as the standard for the brand, if decided to go on with different products out of the line. In total we are able to assure that there are 128 timbres, same amount of rhythms provided and 12 demonstration songs, all of which goal is to make sure efficient learning for the beginner. Model even consists of an MP3 player, which is rarely seen throughout this sort of best kids’ keyboards, but as more functionality there is, the more opportunities and possibilities are actually allowed. This keyboard actually comes with all the kit you personally might need, equalling an incredibly rich sounding performance provided by the tool. In addition to the kit, it comes with music stool, power adapted, headphones and a stand.

Essential Pros of the product:

  • 128 timbres &128 rhythms & 12 demo songs & 8 percussions;
  • All-inclusive package (kit) needed for any sort of musical activity;
  • Simplistic board provided;
  • Perfect beginners keyboard defined as the one of the best on the market;
  • Power adapter included too, which is not that common.

Vangoa VGK4900

Even though it is stated as the last, but definitely not the least on our best kids’ keyboards rankings, the Vangoa’s model! Therefore, if you are looking for nothing, but a more vibrant style of the keyboard, you can be assured that this particular model is basically everything you personally need! VGK4900 comes with a hot pink-colored 49 keys’ keyboard, which does not even look pretty cool from the visualized perspective, but also offers a microphone to enhance the playing process! Complete with a power adapted, you can simply just turn it on and ride on adventure of accessing an outstanding 200 timbres, not less than 50 demo songs and 200 rhythms. Well, that is a combo, right? Incredible.

Vangoa is defined as the best kids’ keyboards, realizing it is built within the concept of set-up design and learning. It means you can easily listen to the many offerings, then play it all along and repeat thoroughly while becoming a master of the keyboard without any upcoming issues! In addition to the specifications provided and stated, it is superbly important to mention it comes with LCD display which allows an opportunity to record and playback through this uniquely designed and completely compact keyboard! Despite the fact, the sound is so marvellous on the record, making its way through already built-in stereo speakers, making it flawless for the songs and the tunes. In addition to all of this data, depending on your child’s priorities, they can use this particular model with or without headphones, really depending on their personal sympathies and realizing how playing aloud could be disturbing for the people at home.

Model also comes with much needed built-in music stand, which can be dependently lowered or raised or willing with a flick of the hand and, besides, offers the ultimate in practically while reading and playing from accompanied sheets. 

Essential Pros of the product:

  • Fun, bright pink exterior, kids will want to play this keyboard;
  • Built-in music stand;
  • Portable/compact 200 timbres & 200 rhythms & 50 demo songs;
  • Mic and power adapter included and available too;
  • Flawless sounds for your learning process!

Essential Cons of the product:

  • There are no integrated in-depth learning processes, which would make it more efficient.

Our personal verdict on best kids keyboards?!

To be honest, all of the items provided above might be more than satisfying in terms of making an exciting learning process for your children. We truly hope that by combining our reviews made and pointed out with a detailed buying guide, you will not only feel more informed, which products are the best available, but feel assured too, that these certain products might be more than beneficial for their well-being. 

Pointing it all out, personal favourite on the list shall be defined as Yamaha YPT-260, which has best all-around keyboard and functionalities available, making it approachable, as a layout, for any entry level of all ages. Our second top choice would be defined as Alesis Melody 61 MKII for actually best value in terms of the extras available and overall quality itself. Saying in other words, it gives the best ratio of value and price, which is often required by the customers too. 

Overall, all these reviewed products are truly marvellous for beginning learning. Honestly, it is super hard to make mistakes on this point, having all the great instruments listed all above. Just keep with the flow and create an opportunity for your child to start engaging with art, music and monitor how he or she is falling in love with it.