Willingness to become an artist has been trending over a decade – and there is a reason behind it, realizing how satisfying it is to live under glory, fame and doing what you are passionate about.

Today Anyone Can Get a Professional Gear For Rap Music

It shall be taken into consideration that recording and producing music at home or any sort of low budget studio was not an option 10 – 20 years ago. 

Things have changed drastically, having different sorts of products developing in tremendous manner, considering the fact that nowadays whole albums could be with a flick of a finger produced from laying down in the bed or spending time in a spare room studio, especially if you have correct equipment for music activity to do so. 

Hundreds of different sorts of musical activities can be produced, taking into consideration a variety of genres, instruments available and etc. 

Producing Rap Hits While Being at Home?

All of these musicians, taking into account rappers as well, have been more than liberated by the fact that all of mentioned musical activities, such as song writing, recording, mixing and producing can actually be done while sitting at home. 

Therefore, just to bold the statement, in this particular article we will be looking after specific mics for recording rapping vocals and performing it within the tracks. 

Despite the fact whether you are keening on practising and listening yourself when spitting your bars, or simply recording demos / albums, you can be assured that we have got you covered with dynamic / condenser microphones, which will give you nothing, but a great sound and clear recording for rap bars. 

Best Microphones For Rap

Today’s article we will be willing to define the best rapping microphones available on the market, which for musicians following their dream would easily become handy and would help to outweigh the obstacles ahead of them.

Rode NT1-A – Best Condenser Rap Mic

No need any introduction a-do to make sure our selected rapping microphones will not disappoint you. First we got on a list that comes up big with the name of Rode, widely known, especially throughout Eastern part of the United States where headquarters are located. Saying that Rode is a big name in the world of microphones – you truly mean it – and in addition to that, NT1-A mics for rapping can be easily found anywhere around the globe. From the small studios trying to make from passion for a living to extremely well built professional recording space.

Rode NT1-A Features

Rode NT1-A is distinguished with gold plated diaphragm and has got a truly greatly built body designed within the last decades in terms of the quality of the material. It shall be taken into account that it is a condenser microphone defining it is not portable for USB and will be needed to run through additional audio interface or mixer equipment. In terms of the sound, you should definitely shoo your worries away, realizing it has got a lot of clarity and has already made an appearance on a handful of rap recordings. Even though you would face issues and would have to crank up the gain on the microphone to ensure vocals cutting in through, mic does not distort or lose quality as the volume is increased, therefore no worries about that too. 

Rode NT1-A Reviews

As the reviewers of the product say, sometimes it is truly hard to imagine that Rode, as a brand, has been operating only since the 90s and this is undoubtedly one of their flagship products of the microphone supply in overall. Besides, it shall be also mentioned that this microphone which is defined as one of the best rapping microphones is far from the most expensive on the line, being stated and stood for relatively modest price. All in all kit sold comes with a package of cradle for putting on the microphone stand, a case for your equipment and pop filler, without a doubt, simply for avoiding the loud, piercing sounds seldom coming up on recorded rap vocals. 

Taking into consideration all the points previously stated for the first item selected, basically, if you have got the budget and also the know-how how to set-up condenser microphone, or maybe time ahead has begun establishing your personal studio, this definitely shall be recommended for rapping activities and in terms of the ration of quality and price, will not get you disappointed!

Essential Pros of Rode NT1-A: 

  • Crisp sound, that is achieved with initial recording
  • High quality sound, that can be equally compared to mics over $1000 price point.

Neumann TLM 102

Neumann is most definitely one of those brands and companies, which actually tend to set a standard for other players in the game. Their expertise in microphones, and specifically in vocal mics, is incredible, allowing them to easily gather their fanbase and long-term users of the product, who constantly look after the newest releases and make sure their studio is filled with Neumann’s production. Top end studios around the globe will have Neumann mics and a truly enormous proportion of mainstream songs heard are recorded on the Neumann’s U87 or our recommended TLM 102 models of the microphone.

Neumann TLM 102 features

Even though U87 is truly an incredibly popular product, it shall be defined that most people may think it is overpriced – it is a super expensive product! TLM 102 on the other hand, is not that cheap too, but in terms of considering marvellous sound quality and the edge of professionalism offered, this can definitely give some value for rappers and hip hop producers. Digging into more technical specifications, U87 shall be defined as diaphragm studio microphone and has maximum sound pressure of 144 dB, so if you want, for instance, check out your personal vocals on high volume, you can easily record even the loudest sands as it will not break through! Realizing that our research is basically based on the quality of the sound provided by the companies, this TLM’s model is definitely on our list because of that – it has a boost at 6 kHz which gives an incredible outcome for vocal recordings.

Taking all essential key points into consideration, it is not arguable that the microphone itself is not cheap, especially defining rapping activity, but it gives you professionalism you have deserved. If looking after the total package and kit, it comes with a stand mount, which is available in two different finishes. As mentioned previously, sound clarity and quality is absolutely incredible for a microphone at this price and it would be actually pretty struggling to find fault with any of the available audio features. So even if you may think it is overpriced, looking at the list of peculiarities and functions provided, it becomes really difficult to state that. Neumann microphones, and products in overall, are truly professional and might be extremely beneficial towards your personal endeavours. 

Neumann TLM 102 reviews

Reviews and positive feedback stated on the web showcase that this certain TLM microphone have more than thousands of five – starred reviews applied, marking its professionalism, high-end quality, which would fit any sort of home studio for sure. It may not be an entry – level product, but you are planning on reaching the top, no?

Essential Pros of Neumann TLM 102: 

  • Pro sound, that is stunningly clear and makes the vocal sound professional with initial audio record
  • Industry standard for professional sound
  • Thousands of five starred reviews!

Audio-Technica AT2020 Cardioid Condenser Studio Microphone

And another beautiful product on our list – the well-known production of Audio Technica company. According to the reviews found on the web, this certain mic has been met with plenty of different sorts of acclaim for its ability to provide professional and clear sounding audio without biting your wallet! In comparison to other brands on the market, it shall be defined as more than affordable and definitely fits the bill in terms of condenser mic supply.

Audio Technica AT2020 features

From a technical perspective, the frequency response is great for human’s vocal range, making it perfect for the rapping industry artists. It has SPL handling and close, cardioid recording pattern which comes in handy too. These Audio Technica mics make it great in accordance to picking up audio from records made from a single source at home (acoustics taken into consideration).

AT2020 gives another great benefit for the rappers due to its swivelling, pivot style stand-connector defining the movement of the microphone into the exact positions, which you would feel most comfy while rapping, and will ultimately mean a better vocal performance overall. In terms of the price, it seems that it easily outperforms other competitors in the market and should be defined as your considerable priority. 

Essential Pros of Audio Technica AT2020:

  • Extremely fast transients, that makes your vocal hit hard
  • Sounds professional and has superbly clear audios’ quality.

MXL 770

Another in the line we are going to include the MXL 770 model. It shall be considered as something of lower budget, having a great ratio of quality and price in overall. Well, we would have to agree that it is definitely not the most famous brand on the planet, but they really did a great job on creating, establishing and releasing a production line of their 770 model. As the reviews are also yelling about, they are nothing, but exceptionally great value for money. 

It is also a superb option and it is often defined as the best rapping microphones currently in the market. It has a small diaphragm condenser with a rigid, well-made body and this particular model has been becoming popular as specifically rapping mic due to its low-end frequency response, giving nothing, but a bold for your rap bars and vocals. Therefore, if you are trying to save up money and not really into spending hundreds of dollars on new microphone for your rapping try-outs, 770 is definitely the model, which is worth looking at, especially if willing to combine it with mixing desk, some sort of audio interface, which can be run phantom power to this mic!

Essential Pros of the product:

  • Exceptionally well-built model in terms of the price requested;
  • Specifically created for rapping bars and vocals;
  • Hundreds of positive feedbacks on the product online.

The Blue Yeti USB Microphone

As a brand Blue shall be defined to Sennheiser for headphones – saying in other words, according to plenty of research made, it seems that Blue is one of the top players in their niche and one of the world’s best manufacturers of USB microphones. It might sound partially funny for those, saying that USB mics are far away from getting you the best results, but this particular model could add-up easily to changing your mind. 

Blue Yeti features

With greatly integrated hassle-free plug and play set-up for both MAC IOS and Windows computers’ operational systems, the sheer ease of use made this an incredibly popular choice among gamers, podcasters and relating to our topic – rappers, indeed! If looking after the available reviews on the website, you can clearly see that all of them define nothing, but the sound quality, willing to describe it as exceptional! Well that is intriguing to find out, huh? 

Throughout their material design, there are four different pick-up patterns applied and additional three different capsules, which allows customers to use over a huge amount of options available and flexibility in terms of recording activities. It has a gain control for you to set the volume at which you record, has a headphone output, which may be more than beneficial, and for off-putting you can easily listen and monitor your vocals with no latency or delay (simply making it superb effective in time manners).

As we are doing this research, naturally, few essential key points are investigated and looked after – design is definitely not on our priority, as we are digging through technical peculiarities more, but visualization of the product has never hurt anyone, and taking this particular model into account, it has very cool and professional looking design! On top of that argument, in the kit it comes with a self-contained mini stand, defining you will not have to invest additional while looking after one! It is simply great for putting on your desk and starting right – away without any ceremonies!

It is also nice to visualize your future goals and Blue as a company allows to define that with a flick of the finger! If you visit their website’s homepage, you would see a link posted, which would send you to examine the list of artists, who use their microphone and did all the way from coming in as mainstream performers. This shall not be defined as a toy mic – no way, huh!

Blue Yeti reviews

Even though it gives a view that is superbly professional, which it actually is, it does not mean it shall not be considered by beginners or simply home recordings made – do not get us wrong. It could be used in different occasions and, besides, those who are not that much handy and are not sure how to use audio interface or set-up of a mixer, this equipment’s item for home studio could come in helpful. Even if you do consider yourself as an already run-through beginner mode performer, the actual mobility, portability and ease of use of the Blue company’s microphones that it could be called as a dangerous weapon in any rapper / or music producer’s workflow’s arsenal! With this tool you can easily lay down recordings one after another while being quick and with ease!

Essential Pros of Blue Yeti: 

  • Great combo of professionalism and amateur applied: despite your level of expertise, it is great option to consider;
  • Easy to set-up, can be used right away;
  • Plenty of well-known performers used this Blue brand following their footsteps to being famous!

Blue Snowball

Here we go with the second of the line of Blue, having this smaller and rounder sibling the Blue Snowball definitely worthy to be on the list and accordingly your attention to hold. This specific model has been trending lately, as if you would make a quick research, without a problem would be able to find channels working on these mics – but the true situation is that every second podcast, rapper and other musicians, trying to build their way to fame, has been purchasing those microphones and using them for good. 

Blue Snowball features

People often define Blue Snowball as a game changer, sort of, as the technology behind USB became nothing, yet good enough to fully support high-quality USB recordings. This is exactly what you could expect out of this particular model and would definitely receive from it.

As it is the sibling of the previously analysed Blue’s product, it is important to mention that model lacks the gain control and little of the sturdiness of the Yeti, as it is more rounded alternative solution, but the fact and price stated, you can plug it in straight to your laptop device, it immediately becomes one of the most popular USB mics for rappers.

Blue Snowball reviews

Product itself shall for sure be defined as the top best rapping microphones in the market, realizing this is way more than simply entry – level equipment to have on the side. Blue, as mentioned before, is truly a big name in the market, fully satisfying thousands of customers every single month. This particular Snowball model is nothing, but adaptation to the demand requested by the market and fully executing it towards making win – win conception out of this situation. Blue’s products are really loved not only by the beginners, but by advanced ones too – games and podcasters are the largest interest groups chanting on this one.

Essential Pros of Blue Snowball:

  • Good for training and rehearsals, as everything can be done in a flick of a finger;
  • Cheap price, but getting a big name and great product out of it.

Shure SM58

Ahh, we almost forgot about Shure and that would have been a true shame! Interesting fact, but the probability of using any sort of microphone in your life endeavours, is the highest for this particular model. Sometimes, depending on the source, it is defined that this Shure’s model could be actually the most popular around the whole world. Most commonly it is used for live activities, but definitely can be used as an equipment in your personal home or recording studios. They are hard wearing, made out of marvellous materials and this particular dynamic microphone has a great combo of great quality sound mixed with the overall durability of the product. 

Shure SM58 reviews

For those who may think that durability is not important, well we shall face the fact that there is not that much people willing to invest and invest over and over again to the same exact purchases and equipment, right? Besides, specifically rappers tend to throw their microphones around, therefore having something that would be able to easily take a beating would become nothing, but a great big point for the product. As it is said throughout the reviews, other styles such as ribbon microphones or at some point even condenser mics can truly break easily. 

Shure SM58 features

SM58 model in terms of design and materials made of has great quality and the microphone itself is offered and available for low budget request. It has a sibling, the SM57 model, which is perfectly designed for mainly musical activities referred to other instruments and again it is more commonly used on live auditions or rehearsals. However, having great vocals, it doesn’t really matter if the specifications orientated to an acoustic indoor background or is fine to have it on live too. 

If you are looking after the greatest option overall, in terms of the sound you may have, SM58 might not be the one you are looking for, but there are tons of reasons behind why this particular model is often defined as probably the best selling vocal mic ever. It basically has everything, ranging from the quality, reliability, duration, value but perhaps on every single each category, we would be able to find greater products exceptionally. But the overall quality is more than satisfying. 

Even though people may say SM58 mic could not be considered as the best rapping microphones, there is a lot of space to argue with that. However, despite the fact, it is affordable and rugged, so it is sort of unlikely to have it break even when exposed to all the rigours of live performances. For any sort of musical activity here, you will have to use an additional audio interface or mixer and have it plugged in.

Essential Pros of the product:

  • Often defined as the most popular microphone all over the world;
  • Great for live performances;
  • Superb universal: use it from filming podcasts to rapping in the underground.

Sennheiser E835 Dynamic Cardioid Vocal Microphone

Sennheiser – woohoo, what a beast on the list, guys. Majority of the microphones on the list are nothing but great for suspending from the microphone stand. Some rappers truly love to hold their mics and that has become a trendy cliché of the rappers. It is sort of part of the performance in total, therefore if you are visualizing yourself walking around with it in your hand, Sennheiser E835 model is definitely a great option for you.

Sennheiser E835 reviews

Shure’s SM58, which was disclosed a moment ago, is sort of similar in terms of how people tend to handheld them. Talking about E835, on the other hand, it is more just audio fidelity. If you are that sort of rapper, who would move the microphone further – closer and would rely on the movement, it could become awkward. In most of the cases, it is not the most reliable way to have your recordings on deck with it. It shall be also taken into consideration that E835 model has minimal “Proximity effect”, as it is called, defining it does not really matter how close or far you are from the microphone, the recording will be clear enough, just possible small readjustments will have to be made due to correction of the not that vulnerable audio. Also, superb important to mention, that it has an internal shock – mount, meaning that the handling noise is truly minimized. 

If you are considering organising some sort of live rapping rehearsals for underground locations, for instance, this Sennheiser model would definitely come handy for you and specifically realizing it is most commonly used for handheld while performing – as most rappers are preferring to do so. More to be mentioned, as well as compensation for the proximity effect defined previously, this has got nothing, but crazy great features, including rugged and durable capsules. Although it is extraordinarily hard to damage the E835, it never should be considered as cons. 

Sennheiser E835 features

The frequency response of the product ranges from 40 to 16 000 Hz. Well, that is not that amazing fidelity going on, but it is more than fine for most of the vocals. As stated before, these Sennheiser models are wonderful options for live performances and there is little bass boost going on with the microphone, therefore if you are looking after rap vocals with real punch of bars here and there, it would be a great option to consider. 

All in all, Sennheiser is a top brand and no one could really argue with that. They are manufacturing headphones and microphones to a high standard quality. They are offering an incredible 10 year warranty, which is sometimes even hard to imagine – infinite equipment, huh? However, you can be easily assured that you are buying a high quality product, when they are going for that sort of duration warranties applied!


Some people may definitely say that out of all instruments and equipment parts applied for rapping activity, the microphone as itself is not the essential thing to have on. Well, that is debatable, but the thing we truly can agree on is that a great microphone can not make you a marvellous rapper, but the bad mic used for recording can definitely ruin a great track, huh. Our stated list shall define you that in the market we have got hundreds of different sorts of products, which easily could boost up your performance, whether you are going in for USB flexibility, studio quality sound, combination of that or other certain features.

Despite all of the information said, the best rapping microphones are stated above and if you are looking for one of them, we are pretty assured you will have all the conditions to make the right decision. It shall also be mentioned that we would love to know your experiences, therefore if you have any additional comments on the products above or any other devices for best rapping microphones, feel free to do so! Besides, what set-ups are you using for your personal home studio recordings? No matter the fact, have a nice shopping here guys!