If you have been wondering about starting a voice-over career or just wanted to have a taste of it, you probably thought about what equipment is necessary for being able to do it at home and how to make the right decisions when purchasing the voice-over material.

This guide will be dedicated to beginners who are looking for the best solution to get a great voice over equipment as a starter.

Voice over equipment for beginners

I will divide essential equipment tools into a few sections.

First one is a must-have gear, that without it is impossible to do a proper voice-over record.

Second – high-quality must-have tools. This means, that you are able to start doing voice over without those tools, but later on, as you go along your career these will be required to provide a professional service.

Also, I keep in mind that as a beginner, you might not have all the money needed to have the best quality full set voice over studio equipment instantly.

So let’s start with the main ones:

Beginners MUST have:

1. Microphone

It is the most obvious and essential thing of a voice-over home studio. Since your main asset is going to be your voice, the microphone has to be really good quality so that it could record your timbre in the best way possible.

2. Audio Interface

 In order to record microphone audio signal, you will need to have an audio interface that could translate recorded sounds to a certain digital audio workstation (DAW) on the computer.

3. Mic Stand

Holding a microphone in your own hands while recording is not an option. Not even due to inconvenience, but mainly due to not being consistent with keeping the same distance between the mouth and the microphone during the recording session.

Keeping the same distance is needed in order to make your voice sound the same in the whole recording.

Mic stand especially is helpful when you are doing voice-overs since you need to read some script and maybe navigate through pages so it will be hardly manageable without it.

Mic Stand also will help you to keep a nice posture in which you will be able to sound better and perform better.

What’s next?

Actually, that is it if you are super low on a budget and you want to get started quickly. However, if you want to have a high-quality sound right of the bat, you can follow along.

High Audio Quality MUST Have

4. Pop up filter

This tool is necessary for having an appropriate sound quality in your voice recording. Your work will be mainly recording the voice so you will keep your microphone in front of your mouth.

As a result, there will occur some problems when you pronounce consonants like “P”, “B”, “S”. They will pop louder than usual while recording.

Thus to avoid this problem and keep a quality voice record, pop up filter will save the day.

5. Acoustic Treatment

Every solid recording studio will have acoustic treatment.

This is necessary to make your voice recording as clean as possible.

The room itself has natural acoustics such as reverb, echo depending on your room size, shape, and other characteristics.

As a result, it might be impossible to have a clean sound when you record your voice plainly without any treatment. So layering your room with acoustic foam is essential in order to record a high-quality record.

6. Digital Audio Workstation (DAW)

Only recording the vocals might not be enough in order to have a high-quality record.

Post-production work might be necessary to enrich your vocal, give it a particular taste, make modifications in frequencies, enhance the good ones, hide the bad ones, or maybe to add some reverb, delay if you are asked to create a certain environment in your voice recording.

Mastering your sound will also be necessary to make it radio-ready so it would not be too quiet or too loud.

Voice over tools for beginners overview


There are various amounts of microphones to choose from. But voice-over artists should be considering only one type of microphone that is called a large-diaphragm condenser microphone. They are mainly used for vocal recordings.

Audio Interface

It is enough to have a simple audio interface that has at least one input that you can use for the microphone. 

This one is probably one of the most recommended audio interfaces on the internet.

Mic Stand

If it does not come together with the microphone we need to buy it separately

This one even includes Pop up a filter.

Acoustic treatment

This will vary by the room specifics. But in general, let’s take 48 pack foam acoustics.

Digital Audio Workstation

As a beginner software, I would recommend going with FL Studio Producer Edition, since it is very beginner-friendly and will be easy to add some effects to your vocals later on.

Total Price

High-quality must-have voice over equipment for beginners cost:


Beginners must-have starter pack voice over equipment cost:



For some of you, it might be costly. For others, it might be a piece of cake, but in the end, these investments are necessary to make in order to do record voice-overs in solid quality. And of course, they will pay off to you as long as you stick to it.