For musicians who still love to hear the sound of acoustic drum or guitar over the whole song instruments, choosing the most suitable mic kit for recording could be a little challenging for them. The mics must be able to capture all the details of various types of music equipment and endure high decibel for an extended time at the same time. That is why it is vital to invest in a good pair of mics.

So today we are going to review the best microphone for overheads that suits you. There are various types of mics available in the market; however, here we have created a picklist that will help you make the right decision within your budget.

1. Rode M5

Rode M5

With a history of 50 years, Rode is another promising name in the music industry. Initially starting in Australia, it eventually set its foot on the other parts of the world and finally launched their microphone stunning models.


Wide Range of Accessibility

The M5 mics of them are a common choice of many folks not only because it is affordable, but also it can go from drum beats to other musical instruments at the same time. If you are looking for a mic for small performance, then the frequency response, as well as the low noise of this small diaphragm mic, could be the perfect fit for you.

Sound Matching

If you have the passion for recording your tunes in stereo, then the sound matching feature can be quite useful. The sleek matte black finish of it as well as the mic stand makes it a full package.


  • A great option if you have a small music setup
  • A very affordable pricing
  • Compatible with various types of instruments
  • Compact size


  • The grill of the mic is not very sturdy
  • The sound sometimes feels little boxy

2. Shure KSM137

Shure KSM137

If you are involved with the music industry, then you have definitely come across Shure mics, as the company is a critical player in the field. Though the price is a bit higher than the others, the quality of sound that you get out of it will definitely impress you. Along with that, they come with several features that make them versatile in the studio environment.


Low-Frequency Filter

These features help to cut down the unwanted background noise and prevent the low-frequency rumble as well. So, if you are recording with a kick drum, then this feature could be a blessing for you.

Three-Position dB Pad

one of the most significant features of the mic is the dB pad which comes very handy as it allows the user to change the input volume of the mic easily. So if you are frequently moving between guitars, vocals and drums, then the feature will help you to alter the sensitivity of the mic and keep the sound from distorting.


  • the brand value of Shure
  • capture deep base with Low-frequency filter features
  • sensitivity adjustment features


  • You can experience vibration sometimes
  • Could be expensive if you are a little bit tight on budget

3. AKG C214

AKG C214

This C214 model of AKG is the alternative model of its high-class C414 if you do not have the budget. However, even if it is not pricey as the other models of AKG, it is still a stellar performer on its own. Though we have mentioned it is budget-friendly, it is even more expensive than the other mics in the market.


Versatile in Performance

This mic can provide better performance and versatility as it is specially created for live audio recordings. It can easily record various musical instruments with accuracy.

Minimum Noise

When recording with the mic, you will see the minimum level of noise and maximum SPL capability, so when people record the sharp dram beats with it, they get the most accurate results. It is equipped with a spider suspension mount and the carrying case too.


  • Perfect fit for both live performance and studio recordings
  • Great balance between durability and sensitivity
  • A rugged built quality
  • Excellent performance with other vocal and instruments


ยท A bit bulky in size

4. Neumann KM 184

Neumann KM 184

If you are really into the music business and looking forward to investing in some premium gear, then the Neumann KM 184 will definitely impress you. It is a professional level microphone and famous for its robust performance in capturing the hardcore sound.


Crisp Sound Capturing

The mic can effortlessly capture high tunes to low tones. It can blur out the background noise and provide the user with a vibrant and crisp sound.


The pricing of the product justifies the quality. It has a premium build quality, and it is very much sturdy. It can easily capture the frequency, and the best part is that it can capture hi-hats effortlessly.


  • The exceptional noise cancelling feature
  • It has a very high capacity
  • Premium sound quality 


  • It can be very costly for the beginners

5. Rode NT1-A

Rode NT1-A

Another great performer from the Rode. Though this one is a bit expensive, the performance of the mic justifies the hike in price.


Low Ambient Noise

The mode is very crucial for the people who are using the mic on their studio. So if you work long in the studio and want a mic that suppresses the background noise, then this is a great option.

Higher Frequency Range

When you are working with several musical instruments, then you need a mic to capture all the detailing of every tool, from electric guitar to heavy drum beats. This microphone serves the purpose adequately. With detailed high and low, it captures a well-balanced sound.


  • A very well built and durable equipment
  • It produces the quietest performance in the price range
  • It captures sound in details


  • The high note can be a bit punchy sometimes
  • The included pop filter my disappoint some customers

The recording process is very complex work, and it combines various elements all together to create the most phenomenal sound. So, the best result does not solely rely on the microphones; it is dependable on some other factors as well. However, in the list, we have selected the best microphone for overheads that surely worth their price tag and can provide you with the most desired outcome.