Music industry trends are constantly changing. Music taste is evolving day by day. Requirements for music producers increase as well.

Furthermore, it becomes harder to stay relevant when music trends are changing so fast. As a result, it becomes harder to find good music producers with up to date skills that fit current trends. 

How much does it cost to produce a song:

Price FromPrice ToSource

How much does it cost to buy a song from the music producer?

There are a lot of variables to estimate the price of a song. It is the same question as to how much does it cost to buy a car? There are some aspects that come into play when estimating price:

  • Brand 
  • Quality
  • Experience level
  • Portfolio
  • Time invested for track production
  • Studio equipment
  • Song style
  • Additional requests(mixing, mastering)

Let’s look starting at the cheapest option.

Song Price on Fiverr 

$5 – $500+

You can find ridiculously cheap prices here. However quality is relative to the price as well, so do not expect outstanding results. 

After doing research on these producer portfolios they do have a decent amount of experience and they can provide good quality tracks. 

However, this service won’t provide a lot of abilities for adjustments and modifications in the production process. You are not really sure what to expect when you place an order since you do not see the process of making it.

But to get a rough demo if needed it can be a great way to do that.

Song Price on Beatstars

$15 – $50 – Basic License

$200 – $3000 – Exclusive License

This is a pretty new website that provides an ability to buy/sell instrumental tracks for everyone. It is most popular for Hip-Hop, R&B style music.

How everything works there:

Music producers prepare different types of licenses for created instrumental tracks that they are selling. Those licenses differ in its price, number of audio/video streams allowed, number of radio stations allowed.

This is how custom licenses look like

Prices can be customized by music producers as well. But the average price varies from $15 to $3000 according to license type.

The main drawback is that these songs are not unique and can be used by a lot of people. So it can be weird if you are releasing a solo track but instrumental is used as well by other people.

The main advantage is that you can get these tracks at lower prices.

Another great point is that you know what you are paying for since all the tracks are fully finished and you don’t have to wonder what you will get after the purchase.

Song Price on SoundBetter

$200 – $10.000+

Sound Better Song Price Evaluation. It takes most of the possible variables on the cost of music production and gives you an exact answer of what an average price for a produced track would be.

This is the way to get your song produced that I would recommend the most. Why? The main reason is that now you are working with professionals that understand the needs of people and the music industry.

Furthermore, it will be a much more creative process since you are telling the vision of what you want to achieve, how you want to sound and what is the purpose behind your songs.

When this gets translated through music, it takes it to another level, that makes your songs unique and enhances your own style.

What to consider before buying a song?

  • Portfolio

This is one of the most obvious and clear points that can be understood by a client.

When you can hear songs that producers have made, then it is not hard to determine whether it is worth investing money or not.

By referring to the past projects you can have a vision of what is possible to achieve with this producer and in what particular styles you could ask to be implemented in your song. 

If you are still not sure after this step if it is worth it to spend money on the producer, let’s continue.

  • Past Clients

If a music creator has worked with relevant music industry artists, it means that authoritative people trust the producer and that person is able to deliver high-quality results.

Furthermore, it is what distinguishes producers from average since it is real proof that a person is delivering value for top musicians so it should do the same for you.

  • Skills

Without skills, it would be impossible to achieve the first two points that we have emphasized.

The reason that we point it out as a separate factor is that due to some circumstances a producer might not have had a chance to work with big artists or to release songs on big labels YET.

These days there is an unbelievable amount of competition and it is really tough to be heard, so a lot of talent keeps unrevealed.

So if you come across a talented music producer that didn’t have his chance to prove himself yet, give him that chance! 

What does a produced song price consist of?

It is hard to put a price tag on creativity. But there are some things that can be used as reference points to estimate what price is worth paying for a produced song.

  • Experience.

Time is money. So producers spend a lot of their time developing skills necessary to provide great service as all of the other industry professionals do. So this is a general point but still is relevant to keep it in mind.

  • Equipment

This is where producers spend most of their money since there is no end when it comes to buying plugins, synthesizers, effects, instruments and so on… And studio gear does make production level better since it provides a more variety of capabilities to record different sounds and make it sound more professional.

  • Skills

This is what differentiates producers from one another. So the price range will vary depending on how skilled the producer is.

  • Idea realization

Usually, when people want to buy a produced song they have an idea of what it should be and how it should sound. So how well it can be realized by the producers gives an argument is it worth paying money or not.

  • Mixing and mastering

This is an extra thing compared to music production/composition. However, mixing and mastering is an integral part of a complete song that can be played on the radio. So if these services are included price level increases accordingly.


I’ve covered common costs of produced song prices and provided sources of where these songs are sold.

In addition to this, I’ve pointed out most important aspects of determining what is included in the pricing of a produced song and gave some tips on how to evaluate if it is worth paying money for a certain producer or not as well. 

I hope that this article gave you some value and will help you to make a good decision when purchasing a track. Have a great one!